New Buick Crossovers Could Be Joining Lineup in Near Future

new Buick crossovers

Buick has established itself as one of the industry’s leading brand for high-end crossovers and SUVs. From the ever-popular Encore to the refined Envision to the ultra-lux experience of the Enclave Avenir, drivers far and wide love everything that Buick has to offer. Now it seems that there will be even more to love in the future with the possible addition of new Buick crossovers.

GM Authority got hold of a document that suggests there will be as many as three new crossovers joining the Buick lineup in the years ahead: the Buick Envoy, the Buick Enspire, and an as-yet-unnamed crossover known as JBUB. The document suggests that these vehicles could originate and be sold in China, but there’s the possibility — given the crossover appeal (pun intended) of the Envision — that any of these could wind up coming the United States in the future.

With the Buick LaCrosse likely leaving the lineup after 2019, there will be plenty of space open for an exciting new crossover to join the family. While it’s likely too early to speculate, you might be able to reasonably expect a crossover with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid powertrain variant as the industry moves increasingly toward alternative powertrain options.

Watch this space to learn more about what you can expect from Buick in the future. To see the best of what Buick has to offer today, stop into Urka Auto Center.